C2C 2017


Participants were required to be enrolled at select UK- and US-based universities in order to participate. A practice forum was held in February 2017 to allow all participants a chance to prepare for the qualifying round, followed by an online practice round on March 11-12, 2017.

All participants competed in an online ‘mini CTF’ on April 1-2, 2017, to qualify for the C2C Hackathon. The total run time for the online session was estimated to be 60 hours or 2.5 days. Participants are selected to participate in the live events based on performance in the online qualifier. The more challenges completed in the qualifier, the higher a participant will place. 

Faculty from MIT and the University of Cambridge arranged blended teams with students from both countries. Each team was organized in such a way to play upon the strengths of each competitor in order to make a cohesive team.

The event was held at the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, UK, and comprised of a graduated set of exercises in binary exploitation, web security, reverse engineering, cryptography and forensics in a scored CTF competition, along with several open interactive activities.

To view the full program details from C2C 2017, please visit: Cambridge 2 Cambridge Program Overview


C2C Interview with MIT CSAIL's Howard Shrobe                                   C2C 360 View of the Competition


C2C Coverage with Swipe, Sky News                                                      C2C 360 View of Punting


View participating universities and learn more about the student participants by clicking on the links below.

111 participants

22 teams of 5 students

80 UK students

 31 US students


Cambridge2Cambridge List of Winners

NCC GROUP C2C Team Award


1st Place: £9000


Kyriakos Axiotis, MIT
Lucian Paul-Trifu, University of Cambridge
William Seymour, University of Oxford
Rodrigo Vieira Steiner, Imperial College
Bo Robert Xiao, Carnegie Mellon University
C2C 2017- 1st Place Team

2nd Place: £4500


Dimitrije Erdeljan, University of Cambridge
David Lucas, University of Surrey
Harvey Stocks, University of Edinburgh
Carolina Zarate, Carnegie Mellon University
C2C 2017 2nd Place Team

3rd Place: £2250


Rushdi Abualhaija, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Ksenia Budykho, University of Surrey
Jonathan Chua, Cal Poly Pomona
Dennis Jackson, University of Oxford
Io Swift Wolf, University of Southampton
C2C 2017 3rd Place Team

Leidos C2C Individual Award


1st Place: £3000

Bo Robert Xiao
Carnegie Mellon University

C2C 2017- 1st Place Individual

2nd Place: £1500

Veeral Patel
University of California, Berkeley

C2C 2017- 2nd Place Individual

3rd Place: £750

Rushdi Abualhaija
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

C2C 2017 3rd Place Individual

C2C Winners Outline


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