C2C Registration will be available in early 2019. All 2018 students are eligible to compete in the 2019 qualifying round.

For questions about the competition, please contact: c2cCyber@lists.csail.mit.edu


When and where is the qualifier?

The cybersecurity challenge will be held during the summer of 2019, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (map). A qualifying round will take place completely online in early 2019. The more challenges completed, the higher you will rank among competitors. The estimated completion time for all challenges is 36 hours.

The current list of challenges include:
Group 1- General Cyber Security Historical Trivia
Group 2- Python Programming
Group 3- Cryptography
Group 4- General Hacking (Based on VM creation and deployment
Group 5- Forensics

Visit the "Students" page for access to recommended practice sites: http://cambridge2cambridge.csail.mit.edu/students

When is the competition?

The live event will be hosted by MIT CSAIL during the summer. The date and full schedule of live events will be available later next year.

Where is the live competition taking place?

The live event will be held at MIT's Ray and Maria Stata Center: Building details

What platform will be used for the competition?

More details coming soon!

How do the hackathon teams work?

Teams are 3-5 students. The teams will be coordinated by faculty leads from MIT CSAIL and the University of Cambridge. Teams are organized to play upon the strengths of each competitor in order to make a cohesive team for the capture-the-flag-style challenge!

What prizes will be awarded?

More details coming soon!

What is the timeline for the competition?

More details coming soon!

How can I sponsor the event?

Please contact: Lori Glover, Executive Director, CyberSecurity@CSAIL, at (617) 715-2460 or loriglover@csail.mit.edu

Who do I contact about media inquiries?

Adam Conner-Simons handles all C2C media inquiries at (617) 324-9135 or aconner@csail.mit.edu.


Will transportation be provided from the airport?

There will be transportation provided to participants to and from the General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport in Boston, MA.


Will my meals be provided?

Meals will be provided throughout the competition.

Where will I sleep?

Campus housing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be provided for competitors.

What should I bring?

Bring your laptop and enthusiasm! Students traveling to the US will need to arrange travel visas and other travel arrangements as soon as possible after being selected for the live event. These arrangements can often take some time and we do not want any competitors disqualified because they are unable to make the trip.