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Cambridge 2 Cambridge (C2C) offers an international platform to address critical cyber security issues and new technologies. C2C was launched as part of a discussion between President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

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Mensa Magazine:
Cyber Wars: Brightest brains battle the hackers
This article originally appeared in Mensa Magazine, publication of the high IQ society in the UK

Boston Globe- BetaBoston:
President Obama, David Cameron announce ‘Cambridge v. Cambridge’ hackathon

CSAIL announces “Cambridge 2 Cambridge” cybersecurity challenge with University of Cambridge

CSAIL, University of Cambridge team up for “Cambridge 2 Cambridge” cybersecurity hackathon

Associated Press:
College hackers compete to shine spotlight on cybersecurity

US News:
Teams of students from MIT and Britain's University of Cambridge will spend the weekend hacking one another's computers, with the blessing of their national leaders

NBC News:
Ready, Set, Hack: College Students Compete in Cybersecurity Project

Top Cyber News: HP's Security Machine, Cisco Buys CliQr, Ex-Hacker Billionaires

The Journal of the Cambridge Computer Lab Ring
Cambridge 2 Cambridge: An international cybersecurity challenge

How MIT & Cambridge University Students Pooled Their Brainpower for Cybersecurity

Business Weekly:
Student hackers fulfill leaders' vision to fight cyber crime

New England Cable News:
MIT Student to Compete in Hacking Competition

Christian Science Monitor:
Hackers in Training

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Brits Team up with MIT Students for Cyber Security Hackathon

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Cambridge, MIT Hackers Compete to Shine Spotlight on Cyber-Security