Please be aware that there is a possibility you will need to check your laptop into the hold for the journey back to the US.

Will transportation be provided from the airport?

There will be a shuttle bus running from Heathrow and Gatwick to Cambridge on Sunday, July 23, and then back again on the Thursday, July 27. US-based competitors arriving on July 23rd and leaving July 27th will automatically be booked onto this shuttle according to your flight times.

If you are not a US competitor, and would like to use the airport shuttle between the airport and Cambridge, please email Michelle Houghton at michelle.houghton@cl.cam.ac.uk.

Will parking being available near campus?

There is some day-time parking at the ComputerLabs during, however cars can’t be parked here overnight. For longer-term parking, we suggest the Madingley Park and Ride which is about a 5 minute walk away and costs £1 per day.


Will my meals be provided?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included from lunchtime on Monday, July 24, until check-out on the Thursday, July 27. There will also be a free coffee bar onsite during the competition. From Tuesday, July 25, through Thursday July 27, breakfast will be available at Trinity College. We’ll confirm the exact location closer to the competition.

Please list any dietary needs you may have on the registration form or send an email to c2cCyber@lists.csail.mit.edu.

There are potentially two things you will need money for:

    Dinner for those arriving on Sunday, July 23. There are lots of cheap options in town!

    Money for the ‘Pub Crawl’ on the Monday night.  FYI: On Monday evening, you will get a free burrito and beverage at Nanna Mexico in the centre of town. Then, for those of you
    who want to, you can head off on a pub crawl round town with your friends and/or new team members – you’ll be provided with a map. You should budget about £10-£20 for this.

Where will I sleep?

Competitors arriving on the Sunday, July 23, will spend one night at the Møller Centre. Check in is from 2:00 PM. Breakfast will be provided the next morning. You will need to check out by 11:00 AM on Monday morning and bring your luggage to the Computer Laboratory, where the competition will take place and store it in the cloak room. Those arriving on the Monday can also store their luggage in the Cloak Room in the Computer Lab.

Møller Centre: Churchill College, Storey’s Way, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB3 0DE (SAT NAV use CB3 0DS)

Computer Laboratory: William Gates Building 15 JJ Thomson Avenue Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB3 0FD

At the end of the competition on Day 1, Monday, July 24, everyone will go to Trinity College, located at the University of Cambridge, to check-in, where you will be allocated a room and stay in until the end of the competition. The rooms could be located in a number of places in the centre of Cambridge.

Trinity College: Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB2 1TQ

What should I bring?

Bring your laptop and enthusiasm! U.S. students traveling to the U.K. will need to arrange travel visas and other travel arrangements as soon as possible after being selected for the live event. These arrangements can often take some time and we do not want any competitors disqualified because they are unable to make the trip.

Laptop for competition.
It is recommend to run Kali Linux (can boot from a USB so no need to install) if you’re deciding which OS is best to use. Your laptop will need to be able to connect to a wired network (i.e. have an RJ45 port so you can plug into a Cat5 network cable). Some newer laptops do not have such a port (most Apple PCs) and will need to check if it has the appropriate adapter. You will need to download a VM at some point, so be sure to have enough space to do so.

Download Eduroam.
You are able to download the wireless connection here in preparation of the competition. You will also be able to obtain login information at check-in.

Dress Code

You are welcome to wear what you like during the competition. On the evening of Tuesday, July 25, we will be going to The Varsity in the centre of Cambridge, which is a bit posh so you might like to dress up. For the Awards Ceremony and Dinner at Trinity College on Wednesday evening, we ask that you wear lounge suits (dress shirt and slacks), cocktail dresses or something similarly smart (so put another way no t-shirts, jeans or trainers/sneakers).


When is the competition?

The live event will be held on July 24-26th at the University of Cambridge’s historic Trinity College. The full schedule of live events will be available later this year.

Where is the competition taking place?

The live event will be held on July 24-26th at the University of Cambridge’s historic Trinity College. The qualifying round takes place completely online, but please plan to devote the full weekend to the online competition. The more challenges completed, the higher you will rank among competitors.

What platform will be used for the competition?

The main competition will be hosted by Platinum sponsor Leidos and feature their CyberNEXS cyber range with an evolving scenario over three days. Side competitions with a chance to win prizes will be offered alongside the primary challenges.

How do the hackathon teams work?

Teams are 3-5 students. The teams will be coordinated by faculty leads from each university and organized to play upon the strengths of each competitor in order to make a cohesive team for the capture-the-flag-style challenge!

What prizes will be awarded?

 £20K in prizes will be awarded at C2C!

Prizes will be awarded to the following participants:

    CyberNEXS highest team score

    Side competitions highest team score

    Side competitions highest individual score

What is the timeline for the competition?

January 2017                       Registration Opens

February-March 17, 2017    Online Practice Forum Opens

March 11-12, 2017               Online Practice Round

March 31, 2017                   Registration Deadline

April 1-2, 2017                    C2C Online Qualifying Competition

April 2017                            Qualifying Participants Selected and Notified

July 24-26, 2017                 Live Event | Cambridge, UK

Can others participate at the live event?

Yes, audience members will be invited to test their skills in four different hacking challenges available throughout the 24-hour competition.

How can I sponsor the event?

Please contact:

Frank Stajano, Head, Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research at  frank.stajano@cl.cam.ac.uk

Lori Glover, Executive Director, CyberSecurity@CSAIL, at (617) 715-2460 or loriglover@csail.mit.edu

Who do I contact about media inquiries?

Adam Conner-Simons handles all C2C media inquiries at (617) 324-9135 or aconner@csail.mit.edu.